Posted by: selectanovel | 9. July 2015

New productions added

I added the productions we released since Revision 2013. That, in fact, includes the “Trip to Breakpoint – The game”. Check it all out in the “Releases” section!

Posted by: selectanovel | 20. July 2013

Major update and reconstruction

My (blogging) French teacher in Biarritz reminded me of the fact that I actually do have this website. So, time for a major update and some reconstruction. In the releases section, you will now find only one page left with all of my music (no more seperation in tracked, mp3 and remix) and one one with our visual releases. In addition, I wrote some sentences about the scene in general and assembled some nice demos to start with in case you have no real clue what all this is about. You will find my “Introduction to the Demoscene” under “articles“.

Posted by: selectanovel | 8. January 2011

2010 update!

I happend to find my password for again so I could finally update this page and link to my releases from last year. Check out the releases section for new stuff.

Additionally, it’s now possible to stream all the music on this site, so you don’t need to download my songs anymore just to find out if you like them.

Posted by: selectanovel | 10. May 2009

Wasted Years soundtrack

Added the soundtrack of our latest 64k intro for amiga, “Wasted Years” to the tracked music section as original mod and converted mp3.

Posted by: selectanovel | 9. May 2009

Articles section

I put up some articles that I wrote for scene diskmags and added links to the online version of Jurassic Pack. The article about our trip to Assembly in summer 2007 somehow dissapeared in the crowd and as I think that it deserves more attention (it took quite some time to write it), it is my recommendation of the day.

Posted by: selectanovel | 4. May 2009

Move complete

I think I have now transferred all my old music and other releases to the new pages. Hoorray! Along with the old stuff, I added the remaining productions that were released when I did not update the site. Diskmags and my never ending work in progress  “Trip to Breakpoint – The game” are to be added later.

Please check out moodsplateau’s latest intro “Wasted Years” by Dodge (code) and me (music). You can find it under Demos & Intros in the Releases section.

Posted by: selectanovel | 3. May 2009


Just wanted to write a lot of spam for you to read but no!

1:38: Still, this blog screams for me moving all my releases into it… tonight! Stay tuned.

3:07: It’s getting late – I’m starting to like this new blog thingy.